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Being an E-Bike Commuter –My Story

Hello, my name is Allen Thompson. In June of 2018 I got serious about implementing a different way of getting to work instead of driving from my home in the Seattle suburb of Tukwila to the Seattle suburb of Bellevue and back each day.

I would turn 60 the next month and I was tired of wasting time and money each day inching along I-405. The 30 mile round trip drive was always boring and often could be frustrating and scary. I had to set aside 45 minutes in the morning and an hour at night to have enough time to navigate the almost constant traffic jams. Gasoline was costing me around $100 a month.

I had just purchased a nice new Evelo Delta X e-bike and I decided to try riding it for my commute as often as I could get myself to do so. I knew from recreational e-bike rides I had previously taken that there was a fairly good route from my home to my job site that included separated bike paths some of the way and moderate use streets with bike lanes much of the rest of the way. Summer and Fall 2018 the Seattle area had a lot of warm dry weather so rain did not keep me from riding very often—although forest fire smog did a few days in August. (Now I have obtained good rain gear and ride most days even in the rain.)

Long story short from mid June to the end of 2018 I put 2788 miles on my new e-bike. My blood pressure improved significantly and my weight went down a bit. My doctor is impressed. My commute became a source of exercise and enjoyment of the outdoor beauty along my route. Riding most work days in a little over 2 hours round trip I get all the regular exercise I need. I also recently have come to the conclusion that my riding has had another important and un-anticipated benefit. Out of curiosity I did a little research and found the gasoline I would have burned driving those nearly 2800 miles in my Kia Rio would have put almost a ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which I did not do riding my e-bike. Given all of that and the fact that the domain name for this site was available inexpensively, I decided to start this site to tell my story, encourage others to consider e-bike commuting with facts, resources and reviews, and provide a forum to the growing community of people who practice e-bike commuting.

Over time I will add what I hope will be interesting and useful elements to this site. There will be a calculator to show how much CO2 you could keep out of the atmosphere by e-bike commuting. There will be a registry for folks who are e-bike commuting to show how much they are riding and the difference it is making. There will be a forum for e-bike commuters to share info with each other along with reviews of e-bikes, accessories, repair shops, routes, etc.

Quick Update 02/02/2019: I commuted on my e-bike 546 miles during January 2019 bringing my total miles

ridden since 06/19/2018 to 3334. I rode to work on my bike 19 out of the 21 days that I worked. New Estimate

for total CO2 kept out of the atmosphere since 6/19/2018 = 2400 pounds or 1.2 tons.

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